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The mail will be delivered in Holland twice a week. The time between receiving the mail at our warehouse and deliver these at the post address depends on the moment and the way how the mail will be delivered.

The quantity
Mail Delivery Holland is able to handle every quantity, from 250 pcs. up to over a million per shipment. Through our software there will be added a code to the address, you simply deliver your mail following these code.

The price
We are happy to calculate with you how much you can save on your costs of mail when you send it with Mail Delivery Holland.

Got your interest?
Of course, after reading all this,

you have become peculiar to your savings. Please feel free to contact us with all your questions, we are pleased to answer them for you.

One thing is for shure:

a large saving on your mailing

costs is something you can control.

If there will be another

eleven cities ice-skating trip, that

is something we have to wait and see.